So despite the foot and a half of snow we had at home, we did make it to CTI on Sunday 12/20 about 4hrs. later than expected. It rained for the majority of our trip (the red flag was up so no getting into the water until our last day at the resort). Needless to say people come to Jamaica for the sunshine & the water & we didn't get either

So without sun & water there are only a few things you can do: EAT & DRINK! The food was exceptional. The patio (buffet) had excellent food (I must have gained 5lbs.) 8 Rivers was also an amazing meal. We didn't get to try out Bayside due to the weather or the Verandah due to the fact that it's first come first serve & w/the weather everyone was inside to eat. The unlimited drinks (Dirty Bananas are my favorite) were great!

As far as our room (3118) we had a perfect view of the island & huge balcony being a room on the end. The only downfalls were the towel rack in the shower was broken, the TV volume & picture went in & out every once in a while, the receptical in the bathroom didn't seem to like my blowdryer or hair straightner & the end room has about 1/2 the closet space the other rooms have (my parents stayed in 3116 next door, closet was huge) All of these things were small matters & had it been nice out & not raining we probably wouldn't have spent enough time in our room to even notice these things.

We didn't get to try out the Spa (due to the weather EVERYONE was making appt's so it was always booked when we tried to get an appt.) If you do get a chance to get over to the spa, check out the birds just to the right in the garden area (they are beautiful!) Also check out the gift shop (got some VERY cute gifts to bring home to family & friends) The shuttle service at the resort is great! We went to Dunns River (included w/your stay!) & I also swam w/Dolphins. Both were just a quick ride from the resort. Be sure you go to the beach party due to the rain it was inside for us but the dancers/entertainers do an awesome job!!!!!

I want to thank David for entertaining us w/games of UNO in the rain (he made us laugh & helped us forget it was even raining), Otis for being an exceptional server (can't believe he's only been working there 5wks. this guy is awesome!)& to Annette how helped me out w/my Dolphin Cove appt. (she got on right on the phone & took care of everything so I had NO WORRIES!)

All in all despite the weather we had an amazing time & I would most certainly go back to CTI!!!!