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    Default CSA Room Question

    We were married at CSA in Feb. 2007, and were hoping to go back in March 2010. Last Sunday (Dec. 13th) I priced a 5 night stay with a Beachfront Verandah Suite at, but we wanted to think about it some more. Unfortunately, that same room type is now close to $700 more than it was on last Sunday.

    We are trying to decide whether to try another resort or a different room type at CSA.

    The only other room types available at are:

    Garden Suite
    Great House Verandah Suite
    Garden view Verandah Suite

    I have read good things about the Atrium rooms, but they are not available at expedia for some reason.

    We really enjoyed CSA the first time around and would appreciate some opinions on these different rooms.

    Thanks for any help.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas,


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    Any reason why you don't want to go straight through Couples? Having been at CSA, I am assuming you know something about the rooms? They are really all nice. I wouldn't let that keep you away from CSA. I would also consider going directly through Couples. They are also very helpful in your decision.

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    We booked through and got a very good price on a BFVS. It seems like they had all room categories available when we booked. I guess if a particular room category doesn't show up, that means it's sold out for those particular dates.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    When I go through Couples site, it is more expensive and we can not fly directly from Toronto. I can try calling and see if they can offer anything better, but I don't want connecting flights.

    Thanks for the link, but it does not have any Canadian departure sites available.

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    I agree with txlorrie about allinclusive outlet. I've booked several trips through them (including my last trip to CSA) and have always found them to be less expensive than anyone else (including booking with couples direct).

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    Get an Atrium room if you can. They are great.
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    We too have used Couples website to book the rooms only. Used Expedia or another travel site to book flights. This allows early booking of room, which comes with the Couples lowest price guarantee, and flexibility booking flights closer to travel time, which I believe is a bit more economical. From what I have seen, cost from travel sites or through TA are about the same as this method.

    We are booked for Atrium Suite for August, 2010...can't wait! Have not been to CSA before (been to CN twice), but picked this room based on descriptions on Couples website and discussions on this message board.

    Good luck with your decisions.

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    Tallman is right. Just book the room you want through Couples and book the flight separately.
    I have noticed that the flights I find on the Couples website really stink (no offense couples!!!).
    I started pricing everything thru couples but I noticed the flight options offered were usually connecting and more money than a direct flight booked right thru the airline.
    Now I price room only through Couples then go to my travel agent and book the room and flight. She meets or beat anything I can find any where else.

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    The Great House is fantastic

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    It sounds like Expedia may be the problem. We use a travel agent and she is always below Couples direct, even on Wed specials.

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