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    CAn someone please tell me who makes the gensis white rum that I drank some much of in oct.

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    Another thought..if it was clear it might have been "Overproof" or something like that...Appleton runs from dark orange to 12 year old "Estate" medium brown to really dark. YUM!!!!!

    Overproof will light your wick!! SMILE

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    thx. it was diffently white, but I looked on their website and didnt see any bottles labled like that.

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    Genesis is Appleton's white rum.

    J Wray and Nephew (Appleton's parent company) do the white overproof.

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    Yes, Genesis is the first squeezin' of the Appleton's white rum offering. Its the same white rum, I believe, that you can get here in the US at most liquor outlets (at least here in NE Wisconsin). Just a different label.

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