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    We arrive in late December. We have never done AN and just kind a wondering what to expect. What should we wear enroute to the island? What should we bring? Will we at 48 and 50 seem out of place or are there? Does it tend to be a younger crowd? What if we get there and find we can't do it? How long will it be before we can go back? Ahhhh!!!! Questions...questions....questions!!!

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    Wear your bathing suits and bring PLENTY of suntan lotion. Just let things take their course. Either you enjoy the experience or you get dressed and leave. Age means nothing.

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    Expect to have a fantastic time. Expect to meet wonderful people. Expect to feel liberated.

    Enroute to the island, wear what you'd wear to the regular beach - swimsuits, t-shirt, cover-up... Easy to disrobe, and no need to run back to your room if you have second thoughts.

    You won't be out of place at all. In April, the ages ranged from late 20s to late 60s, with the majority probably mid-40s. It's really a non-issue, though. The people you'll meet on the island are the nicest and least judgmental we've ever met. Age, race, body type... no one cares or pays attention.

    If you get there and decide it's not for you, no worries. The boat goes back and forth as needed while the island is open. 9:30ish until 5:00, if I remember right.

    Relax and enjoy! We had our first AN experience at CTI this April, and loved it so much we changed next year's reservation to go back to CTI. 123 days!

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    Bring something to read. My girl and I sat on the island and read every afternoon.. it was so peaceful! We only hung out at the pool one day while out there. As for age.. it really did vary. I think we were the youngest couple out there at 32/33... except for maybe our first day, in which we totally kept to ourselves on the right side.

    The right hand side was where we spent most our time and it was great! I did routine trips to the bar for beverages.

    suntan lotion

    After the first day, I stopped wearing swimsuits and just wore shorts out there. Next year I know that I only need one or two suits for the whole week. I surely didn't need 4.

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    You will absolutely love the island! As Bruce said, you will find the friendliest people over there. At the end of the week you will come away with friendships that you will keep for a lifetime. It is really amazing how once you take your clothes off the masks that we wear all the time in real life go away as well. There are no pretenses kept up on the island and you will meet the most genuine people there. It can be hard to understand and relate to until you experience it and then there is no going back. You will become addicted to the island because of its uniqueness. If you really want to be social on the island then sit by the pool. Enjoy your trip and let us know how you like it!

    "Heidi Sweet Cheeks"

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