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    Hi Tommywommy, last spring you posted a thread about a lotion your wife bought in Ocho Rios that helped her sun rash. I can't find the thread now. Do you remember the name of the shop and the name of the lotion? We will be at CTI and CSS in January and I too get a rash from the sun. Thanks! Sueboo

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    This used to happen to me every year as well. What works for me is Blue Lizzard "Sensative Skin".

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    jam524, Thanks,where can I find "Blue Lizzard" ?

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    Sueboo..It was a Naniki product..It is sold in Ocho Rios and at the gift shop at CSS..Peggy really loves it.


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    I have had to go to to get it. I could not find the sensitive skin model at local stores. It has really worked well for me and I used to get very bad rashes and allergic reactions to the sun. Good Luck

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    Sueboo..Peggy said here is more info on the Naniki products.
    Nakiki Naturals is on Main Street beside Bearings & Seals, Pineapple Place.
    There all natural products are locally made..Peggy loves them.

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    Sueboo -
    Brenda and I always suffered from sunrash in the Caribbean until we switched sunscreens to Coppertone oil free/fragrance free/hypoallergenic. Neutragena works too.Problem solved!
    33 days until our return to CSS!
    Island Steve

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    Thanks everyone for the response!

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