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    Default Tower Isle music?

    Is there any music playing over on Tower Isle? I was wondering because we are going in March and I have a portable Bose I-pod docking station that I could bring out there, if there is no music on the island.

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    There is usually a CD player at the bar. Its playing music about half the time. While I enjoy the music, I also like the times when no music is playing. The sounds of the ocean are so relaxing out on the island, its nice not to have music playing all the time.
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    When we were there in November they had a radio/ipod/cd player. The radio didn't come in real well so it was nice to have someone's ipod to listen to, so I suggest you bring your ipod.
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    Last Jan. there was an I pod dock on the bar ,that Damian allowed guest to use. Do not Know if this is still the case,but will find out in 12 days! CTI soon come!

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