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    Default Virgin Cocktails????

    I am visiting CSA in a few days. I am pregnant, so I want be able to have alcoholic beverages. Does anyone know of any good virgin cocktails that CSA offers?

    Thanks so much!

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    Try smoothies with different kinds of fruit and juices. You can even make them up as the mood hits you. Go to Sea Grapes grill by the beach, pick out some fresh fruit on the bar or hanging up and have them throw them in the blender. They will be more than happy to oblige and if they know you are pregnant they will treat you like a queen. You will have a great time at CSA, without a drop of alcohol needed.

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    Just tell them you are pregnant and try all the different ones. There is a whole side of the menu for non alcoholic. Or better yet, just ask the bartender for the favorite non alcoholic drink.

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