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    Default We aren't home anymore

    No. We are certainly not home. We were banished from the land of sunshine and sea, laughter and camaraderie and have found refuge in a much less desirable location. It may be necessary to remain here for an unspecified amount of time. A very unpleasant thought considering the approach of the cold winter that is about to descend on cities and towns all around me. Alas, we must find the strength and conviction to hold out here until the early spring.
    Then, will come a time when we will retake the ground we held, just a couple of days ago. Our financial advisors tell us that April 12-25 2010, would be an excellent time for our advance. Also, we have received information from an undercover operative that actually lives and works in the country that we must and will return to. Sources revealed that there will be many others willing to join our campaign and help fight for the cause. Inspiration can be found in the words of a great artist. A person of great foresight who had his own struggle to contend with and pend these words. "Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up. Don't give up the fight".

    For now, there is much to be done before the impending winter sets in. Fuel must be found to heat our little hideaway. Funds must be acquired in order to pay for all the necessary supplies. And there will be many many meetings with all the individuals that are helping to plan this inevitable return. In lieu of face to face contacts, we will use the e-mail method of communication. Once again, we will scatter the troops and re-take all five buildings of their compound.

    So my brethren, remain calm. Try not to panic. Remember, we are all in this thing together. Our time will come. We must remain strong. And in the early springtime when life begins to return to this desolate outpost, we will launch our advanced guard. They will secure rooms in as many of the five buildings that remain vacant. During the long cold months of new year, these couples will sacrifice a great deal to pretend to be enjoying themselves, in an area that will, at first, seem to be alien to them. But given enough time and sunscreen, these tough weary travelers will fit right in. They will look as though they are having lots of fun enjoying the all to perfect surroundings. Drinking of their spirits and trying to find the meager amounts of food scrapes . I realize the difficulty and the scope of this operation. And I truly appreciate those of you that will help pave the way for all that may follow.

    Our group, known as the "April Amigos", will begin arriving in early April. Two by two we will arrive. Quietly. Silently. We will show no fear. We have a plan.

    First of all, get all the sunscreen that you brought with you. What do you mean you don't have the sunscreen? Didn't you pack it? I sent out a memo people.
    Alright, this may work out even better. For the ones that "forgot" their protection, you will have a great excuse to visit the local shopping center, located out in front of the five fortresses. Please try to look happy. They like that over there.
    For everybody else. Apply your lotion two to three times each day. Remain out in the burning sun for at least 6-8 hours. Engage in water activities. This will also help to keep your body cool. Never let them see you sweat.

    For now troops, just be patient. Find things to occupy your time. People in the northeast can keep fit by shoveling tons of snow from stairs and sidewalks. You may want to invite some strong people from neighboring states to aid in this daunting task.
    For others, you may have to get creative. See what works best in your neck of the woods.

    If all goes well, and I have no doubt that it will, by the end of month of April, we will have established a beach head. It will extend from there to all the restaurants, bars, sleeping quarters, and the infamous craggy coral outcropping known as Tower Isle, will once again, be reclaimed.

    We will win this struggle for occupancy. In the meantime, remain where you are, and if anyone needs any further information, you may check out the terribly sinister "message board". It is a wealth of knowledge and can help bind our tiny team. Post questions, information, pictures and more. There is always someone there to help you and lift your burden. Come, count back wards with me.

    More to follow

    I can't reveal my true identity, so I will use a code name.


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    Mssr. Crabracer, It was great meeting you on the plane going home.

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