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    Default This is it! Today is the last day to save!!!

    Update: IF you have not booked your Winter 2012 stay with us yet, then I issue two warnings:

    1. Book by October 31 to be protected against any potential 2012 rate increases.
    2. Space is filling up fast, particularly for February 11 - 26.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

    I'm just sayin...
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    Couples Resorts

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    Default Oh No!!

    Oh Dear! We have provisionally booked with Virgin but the prices have already been given to us. We have booked 21 nights from Saturday 3 November 2012.

    Will these prices now increase? If they do we will have to cancel and in that case, we should not lose our deposit?

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    Default 2013 rates

    When can we book for 2013? We are already booked for 2012 but want to get booked for 2013 too. We can't wait to get back home!!!!

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    MrsDavies - your hotel rate is protected.

    Twistedpalms: you can book 2013 now at the 2012 rates.

    Couples Resorts

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    Randy, I tried to book a 2013 Trip with AAA, is there a reason they can not book that yet? I'm trying to get another group together to come down and we were trying to book before prices go up.


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    Default Randymon - Easy to change the dates (+/- a week) if I book now for OCT 12?

    Hi Randymon,
    Look forward to coming back...took this year off after 4 straight! Very sad. How easy is it change the dates if I book our room for OCT12? Little too far ahead to know exactly what my schedule will be...
    Marc and Suzy Preston

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    That's true for me also! I tried to book for 2013 on the Couples website and it says that all the rooms are sold out. I even changed the date and it said the same thing. Do we have to call in to make the reservations instead of trying to make them online?

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    Hi Randymon,

    I am coming in with a group of 6-8, all booking separately, for my wife's birthday January 28th 2012 for 6 days. The last couple tried to book today and was told the Atrium Suites were all booked up. I thought that I had seen a sticky to try and contact to make sure there were none held back- but I can't find it now... any suggestions?

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    ya mon got in before the price increase booked 2013...We are all set for the next three trips!!!

    Randi & Sherri
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