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    Default The time has come

    Well boys and girls, the time has come when the old Crabracer and his favorite coruscation, are bound for a fabled island, said to be somewhere in the ocean in the mysterious West Indies. It has been reported, by a number of wittinesses, that a palatial tropical enchanted castle exists there. There is space for many many people. Each can have their own room, and all are welcomed to stroll the garden paths and winding walkways. Dine in relaxed, comfortable settings. . Smell the invigorating sea air. Clean. Crisp.
    To be at peace with ones self and each other. That is the story that has been told for more than six generations. And yes Virginia, there really is such a place.

    It is a place that was created from a vision that one man had. To offer travelers an environment that was, not only extremely pleasing to the eye, with tropical flora accentuating a walkway here, or by the pool over there, but most importantly, make the people feel more like "family" than just a guest at a wonderful resort.

    The long wait is about to come to an end. Our time has arrived.
    Please stay well boys and girls. And soon, your moment will shine through for you. Each of us, two by two, will slowly make our way to a truly magnificent place in the sun.


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    Enjoy your trip and have a great time.
    Irie Mon

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    Enjoy your much anticipated vacation & visit home Crabracer & Syl. Razzl

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