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    Default 2nd time around just as amazing at CSA

    I visited CSA in Nov. of 2009 for the first time and had an unbelievable time. We’ve been going to the Bahamas twice a year for the past 10 years, been to other resorts in Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. but there was something about CSA that I’d not experienced in all of my previous travels. So, shortly after returning home, I booked our 2nd visit for April 17th – 22nd, 2010. I was a little apprehensive about this second visit; I was afraid that I’d be disappointed and that it could in no way live up to the first trip. Boy was I ever wrong….. I’m even more in love with this place and can’t wait to go back!

    On our first visit, we were in the GHVS in room 5206. For the second trip, I requested the same room which wasn’t available; however, we were given 5205 which still had an amazing view. The room and bathroom were very clean. We actually had the same person doing our room and she remembered us from Nov. That’s the thing about this place, everyone seemed to remember us and made us feel very welcomed and excited to be back. Neal, Owen, Debbianne, Paul, and so many others (sorry I can’t remember all of the names) were wonderful!!! Even Elvis and Bob remembered us.

    The food was just as good as I remembered it to be. We had reservations at Feather for one night. I really wasn’t impressed with the food there; it was OK but I thought the things we’d eaten at Palms were actually better. We absolutely loved the grilled snapper sandwich at the Grill and the sweet potato chips and veggie burger at Seagrapes are amazing. I’m a meat and potatoes girl but the veggie burger is simply delish!

    We had massages again and we both were very pleased. We did the catamaran again and had the same crew from Nov. They too remembered us. We went to the lounge one night and caught Ultimate Chocolate’s show and danced when the nightclub opened. We won $40 in the casino.

    While there we met another couple, Judy and Dave. They were there for the 28th time. Dave is 1Piper on this board. They were the nicest people. We really enjoyed getting to know them and hearing about what has brought them back to CSA for 28 times. We hung out with them every day on the beach and Dave got me hooked on Vodka Ting drinks. They were so good! Judy and Dave, thanks for taking us “newbies” under your wings and showing us around. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet you back there in Nov. 2010 for your anniversary.

    I love CSA....and can’t wait to return.

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    Enjoyed your review. We are returning for our second visit on May 5th. I hope (and I'm sure) we will love it just as much as when were married there!!! Looking forward to seeing the people there. My husband and Bob talked a lot. Everyone was so nice!!!

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    Thank you for your post. I can't wait for our first trip to CSA in October!

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    I'm so jealous!

    It took us THREE trips to Couples to finally figure out the awesomeness that is the Vodka-Ting combo.

    Glad you had a great trip! We're soooo looking forward to being back the last weekend in November.

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    My fiance and I visited CN last May and now we are planning our Wedding at CSA in February 2011! I am super excited to try a new couples resort. We loved CN and knew that we couldn't go wrong with CSA and would be happy there as well. It seemed a little bigger so that is why we chose that for our wedding:-) Oh the time just can't go fast enough! I hate to wish this year away, but I am always reading these message boards and just dreaming of our wedding!!!

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    tharris... we have been travelling for 15 yrs to the Caribbean, but this yr was the first time at Couples (CSA). Do they drug us or something???? I, like you, cannot wait to get back next year. I am so glad you said that the 2nd time was even better than the 1st. My hubby and I have never wanted to go back to the same place twice -- we figure with so many places/resorts/countries to visit... why would you go back and not experience something new.
    Wow, has our attitude ever changed since being to CSA. Can't wait to get back in 2011.

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