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    Default Negril Lighthouse "tour"

    My wife is a huge fan of lighthouses and I recall reading somewhere that it is possible to tour and climb up inside the lighthouse. I've searched the forums though and I can't find the thread related to this so maybe I read it somewhere else...

    Does anyone know how to arrange this. I think I had read you had to contact the lighthouse keeper or something like that.

    Thanks in advance for any help! Only 9 days to go!!!

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    here you go .. show up and enjoy

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    Thanks steverandlinda!

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    We toured the lighthouse on the "Negril Highligts" Tour from CN in 2006. You could climb all the way to the top if you wnted.
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    We were just there last year. Really not much. Would rather go down the road a few blocks to Rick's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steverandlinda View Post
    here you go .. Show up and enjoy!!!

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    The Negril Today website states that there is no admission charge, which is true....however, Mr. Johnson, the caretaker of the property who will take you to the top and tell you about the history of the lighthouse does spend time with you and it's nice to tip him for his time.

    Unless there are others waiting to go up to the top, sit a spell with him on one of the swings hanging from the almond tree at the base of the lighthouse...have him tell you a bit of Negril's history, chat about anything. He is a wealth of knowledge and worth the time to visit with.

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