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    Sorry! I am have so many questions . . . Is 4 nights/5 days to short of a visit? I know when I went to St. Lucia we stayed for 7 nights and loved every second but now we have a baby at home who I know I would want to get back to. Would 4 nights really let us experience everything? And is it better to go over a weekend? Tips? We were thinking going Tuesday-Saturday. Will we miss fun things that happen only on weekend nights?

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    I believe 5 nights is the minimum stay. We always stay 9 - five days midweek and the two weekends on either side.
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    Arriving on a Tuesday is probably a good idea - the airport will at least be less crowded than if you were to arrive on a Saturday or Sunday. The big thing that you will be missing out on is lobster night, which is Saturday at CSA. Sundays are usually fairly quiet; Monday is the International Dinner, which is fun, but not a deal breaker. If not having lobster is a big deal for you, splurge for a lobster (or 2) at your local supermarket and have it before your trip!

    We usually spend longer at Couples, but it is our "big" vacation for the year. We usually take a much shorter vacation over the summer which can be 3 or 4 nights. I've found that I can unwind and relax on a four night trip, so you should be OK. It's always better to stay longer, but if that's all you can do, it will still be ample time to reconnect with your SO.

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    Hey fawnridge - just a slight correction, there is only a minimum stay requirement at Couples over the Christmas holiday (and maybe over Valentines day, although I'm not positive). Otherwise, there is no such thing as a "minimum" stay. We've been at Couples several times with others who have stayed only four or even three nights. Cheers, Judy

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    FlyNavy -

    Where do you fly from? Remember, its generally a full day of travel to get to the island, and chances are (unless you fly out of Miami or Atlanta) that you won't get to the resort until nearly four o'clock, at the earliest.

    Ask your TA when you would likely land in MoBay, and then assume that Couples will escort you to the airport to arrive about 2 to 3 hours before your departure. Travel on either end is a necessary evil, and is quite time consuming.

    For what it's worth, I'd recommend seven or eight nights.

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    I think most of us are going to say that you should stay longer, but also remember that any amount of time is better than nothing! The minimum stay is 3 nights so you're good there. Like Chris said, you'll lose the first and last days because of flights, so you'll really only have 3 full days. I'd go for at least 5 nights, preferably 7. Also check out the CSA activities page to see what nights you don't want to miss:
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