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    Default We are back home at CSA after 2 years

    It is so good to be home. Arrived Friday and the weather has been fantastic!! Saw many old friends and met many new ones but one thing that has not changed is the fabulous service and friendliness of everyone we have meet-Staff and guest.
    Had a great time with Ulti last night!! He has got to be one of the last great gentlemen. You CAN feel the love!!!!
    Food had been outstanding. Banana stuffed toast for breakfast. Yummy. Lemongrass for dinner with our fabulous waitress Stacy Ann. Food is better than I remember. Love the appetizer platter with a little bit of everything.
    The new spa is to die for!!!! The relaxation pool turned me into jelly and that was before our couples massage.
    It really doesn't get any better than this!!!!!!!

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    So glad you are having a great time on your visit "home". We are anxiously awaiting our third trip in February. Can't wait to see all of our dear friends at CSA again. If you happen to be near the Scuba hut please tell Christopher (Shaggy) that Nancy and Gaston send their love. Also a big hello to Cean at Feathers if you see her. They are both the greatest. Have a wonderful time!

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    Ahhhh jealous! So glad to hear you are enjoying it. That relaxation pool is HOT. I almost can't stand it but I get in anyway ha ha Can't wait to see Ulti.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your vacation. We leave for CSA next month! Gosh I have been waiting to say that for MONTHS!

    Kevin & Angie

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    Home Sweet's a beautiful thing isn't it!!! Hope you continue to have great weather and a fabulous time!!!

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    Have a magical holiday. Will keep an eye open for more posts! Thank you. 25 more days til we arrive! Razzl

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