Just as we here around Boston Logan International Airport begin to feel good about having an airline that was providing non stop flight service to Jamaica we get the word. THEY ARE PULLING THE PLUG!

The announcement was just released and apparently May 2, 2010 US Airways plans to shut down its Boston operation. YOU #@%$&*^@%$#^^$%#$#%^ and a few more words that I know Randymon would never let pass.

We waited 4 years for non stop service to return to Boston and trust me those flights were full. They now say "too bad".

What was once a 4 hour flight will now return to being an all day fiasco on an airline stuck somewhere waiting for your connecting flight to take off. The return of wasting your first day on vacation and your first paid day at the resort. FUN.

I can only hope and pray that I make it to April without hearing "Your flight has been cancelled."