I know this is really long, but I wanted to share with all of you. What an amazing time we had. Thank you all for welcoming us to your family through the message board, and at the resort as well!

My husband and I stayed at Couples Negril October 18th -24th, 2009. We booked our trip in March of 2009 through our travel agent. We had been to Mexico our two previous trips, and wanted to go somewhere new. I am So glad our travel agent found this gem for us!
Our flight was non-stop through Air Jamaica out of Chicago. Thanks to the jet stream and the pilot, we arrived in Montego Bay 45 minutes early! The Couples Lounge was a nice sight to see when we rounded the corner with luggage in hand. The Red Stripe is very cold, and the laid back mood is instant!
The ride to the resort on the bus was a bit different than any we had ever been on. No one was in the front two seats, so my husband got to ride shot-gun, and I was behind him. If you are from the US, and have never been to Jamaica, they drive on the "wrong side of the road"! There are no lines on the road, and it is very narrow. Harold made the ride a pleasant one. We stopped for a bathroom break and a Red Stripe refill with half an hour left in the trip.
We arrived at CN and the luggage was removed from the back of the bus. There were two other couples that checked in the same time as us. Check in was very quick.
We were escorted to our room by Herbert with our luggage. By 12:30 we were unpacked, in our swimming attire, and on our way to lunch!
The Heliconia was our choice the first day. Delicious jerk chicken.
After lunch, we looked at one another and couldn't believe we were finally there! We had been waiting SO long for this day... What do we do now?.. Where do we go?.. We found our way to the swim up bar. There are so many places to go, but that day, this seemed to be a good choice! We met many lovely people that we had been in contact with through the Couples MB.
** When we got back to our room from the afternoon in the sun, we realized there was no hot water. We learned that this was a resort wide issue. That didn't bother us as much as not being able to flush the toilet without the bowl filling to the rim.**
We called the front desk and the issue was resolved (short term) very quickly. We came back to the room later to change, and figured out at that point it was short term. I spoke to a very nice front desk gentleman that evening and explained the situation and he said he would look into it for us. The next morning, we went to the front desk and talked to Dilly-Ann (the front office manager), and she was able to move us to a new room in a different block. What a doll she is! Through the entire process, we only lost about 40 minutes of beach time.
Later that evening, when we got back to our room, there was a knock at the door. It was Dilly-Ann & Herbert. They brought us a bucket with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and a beautiful plate of confections along with a lovely letter from the resort. We were confused, (we thought someone from our family had ordered that for us for our anniversary, but it was too early) I asked who sent it, the reply was, "We did, we are so sorry for the inconvenience caused earlier today". Wow! We were so impressed. We knew we had made a good choice the day we arrived, but at that point, we knew we would be repeat guests. We felt like we were a part of a family! We believe that was above and beyond! We were happy with having our room relocated!

The breakfast buffet was very good. We did not find it to be "tired" as some describe it. The omelette bar is wonderful!
We had mixed reviews on the Otaheite restuarant. The company was good, but, ... the food was just Ok. The service there was fantastic!
Cassava Terrace in the evening was great. Friday was lobster night. Not to be missed!
(We went to the Office Of Nature Friday afternoon and had Smiley grill us a fresh lobster on his grill. Although the experience was once in a lifetime, and it was good, it didn't compare to the lobster at the Cassava Terrace!)
Lychee was very good. Don't be intimidated when you sit down and all you see for utensils are the chop sticks! I was not able to get the hang of them! He did! Ask for a fork, and it will be delivered quickly!
I know this is long, but I want all of you who are lurking here, wondering if you should book your trip or not to know that it truely is a wonderful, romantic, fun, tranquil place!
The watersports staff are all wonderful. Take advantage of all of the inclusions you can. You will not regret it!

I have to shout out to all of the wonderful people we met that have truely made an impact on our lives...
Thank you Randymon for reading the Love Letter I wrote as we were traveling to Chicago. What an AWESOME tone to set for the entire vacation!
Herbert for showing me (us) that we were on vacation and don't have to worry about anything! Including our luggage!
Dilly-Ann for accommodating our needs without hesitation.
Timothy, "Dr. Fix It" for getting the white vinegar for the sun burn!
Leighton, the night front desk man for skipping his dinner to call Dr Fix It
Travis... You are the bomb! Keep up the good work (Entertainment)
Joycelyn. Precisely at 10:00 am, she will have a red flag by your loungers and a drink in your hand shortly after!
The ENTIRE pool bar staff!!! To name a few! Tennesyn, Sharlette, Dwayne, Tanesha, All of you are wonderful!
Ivylyn, The beach Bar (wow, the rum was strong!!!)
Sheryl, Thank you so much for introducing us to your famous drink! It is delicious!
The lovely guests that we met also made an impact on our stay as well. It was so nice to meet all of you! Chelsea & Max, Jay Lynne & Rodney, Linda & Phil, Jennifer & Justin, Diana & Emilio, Fred & Becky, Tami & Jason, Rob & Tracy, Beth & Jason, The Cool Crew from Illinois, and also the Mayor and his group! You were all wonderful!