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    Default College Football - Iowa or Penn State?

    Hi Couples Fans - Here in Iowa we were just curious as to what comments we might get if we posted this, also where the comments might come from. As for us - Go HAWKS!

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    WE ARE......PENN STATE! Go Lions! - Kelly from Deptford, NJ

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    I guess with only those two to choose from I would go with Iowa. Especially since my son-in-law works at the hospital there (in the computer area), and has had season tickets since they were married over 8 years ago. Personally, I prefer the Badgers, but that could be because I am from Wisconsin.

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    From Des Moines here (die hard Iowa State Cyclone fan), and I just can't see Iowa going in to the 100,000 person white out and winning. Iowa is pretty good though. They whooped up on us sad to say.

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    Default How's this for a response??

    [COLOR="[B]Red"]O-H-I-O GO BUCKS!![/B]

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    Speaking as one married to a Penn State grad, it's all about the Lions here in Walls, Mississippi! Penn State 37, Iowa 21!!!


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    Iowa will easily cream Penn State 56-0!
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    We are also Penn State all the way!!! Denise & Steve Newtown, Pa

    CSS 11x

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    Default Go Hawks

    I was born in Mason City. High school in Urbandale.

    Graduated from University of Colorado.

    Attachment 1962

    Moved to Illinois. Daughter #1 graduated from U of I (as in Illinois) This took me a long time to get used to. I was always thinking Iowa!!

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    I'm an Iowa fan, but I'm still partial to the Chief!! One of the best videos on You Tube is the "Chiefs Last Dance"

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    Where in Iowa are you at? We're in Omaha, NE (on the western boarder with Iowa) so we have a lot of Iowa and ISU fans. I actually think that Iowa will pull this one off.

    Go Huskers!

    Kristin and Brian

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    GO HAWKS !


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    There is onle ONE comment that needs to be said...

    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Duh ... go bucks!
    Paula & Greg

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    Hawks all the way!!!

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    MIZ - ZOU (some of you will get this)

    See our new quarterback. See him run. See him throw. Run, run, run. Throw, throw, throw.
    See our young defense. See them run fast. See them tackle hard. Run, run, run. Tackle, tackle, tackle.

    See Mizzou pound the Huskers in a couple of weeks. Pound, pound, pound.

    Sorry, but you started it.

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    Default I-o-w-a

    I-O-W-A! Iowa! Iowa! Iowa!

    Go Hawks!! Just wish I was back at CSA watching it like last year. With the same outcome of course!!

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    Were from we dont care

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    WE ARE....PENN STATE! WE ARE.....GREAT! Will be at CSS in 2 days!

    Warrington, PA

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    Gotta chime in here.

    First: Maize and Blue through and through. It's Great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

    Between Iowa and PSU, I have to lean toward PSU, mostly because the game is in Happy Valley. Both teams are tough this year.

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    Penn State all the way!! Go Nittany Lions!!!

    Marlton, NJ
    PSU grad '01

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    O-H I-O nuff said

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    If there is one team that I hate more than any other team in the country, that would be Missouri. I can't wait for that Thursday night game. If I didn't have to work the next morning I would go down to Columbia.

    Go Big Red!

    Kristin and Brian

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    "The name on the front of the Uniform is more important than the one on the back" - Joe Paterno

    WE ARE......

    Penn State....

    My Iowa friends, while yes, you will be the second real challenge for PSU this season, I can say with much confidence that while I do not see the thrashing Syracuse or Temple recieved, I do not see many happy HAWKS fans Saturday Night.

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    Sorry about that Husker pounding crack. That was uncalled for. But we are excited about our Tigers here in Mizzou and look forward to a spirited contest in a couple of weeks. After many years of being a push-over for the Big 12 elite, it is hard to contain our enthusiasm at being competitive with the traditional powers of the conference. Being picked to finish fourth or fifth in the XII North has also created a bit of a chip on our collective shoulders this year.

    Come on down Husker fans. Columbia is a fun place for football now days and being a nationaly televised game will make it even more so.

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    Default College Football

    Penn State all the way!

    Don & Raeanna Loysville, PA Will be at CSA on Turkey day

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