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    Default Best reservation restaurant at CSA???

    We'll be arriving at CSA on Nov. 1st for 4 days. We're planning to eat off the Resort one day, try the buffet another day, have dinner in one of the reservation restaurants one evening, and play it by ear for the rest of the time. So, my question to those familiar with both Lemongrass and Feathers is, "if you had to choose one over the other for dinner, which would it be"? I certainly understand that the menus are very different at both but simply based on (1)taste, (2) quality, and (3) quanitiy of the meals that you've had at each, which would be your choice if you had to pick? Thank you.

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    Default we liked Feathers

    We ate at both and I would say that we preferred Feathers. That is not to say that Lemongrass was inferior but the selections were more to our taste. Service was excellent at both the atmosphere was nicer at Lemongrass. We were there in March so the temps were perfect but I did hear it was a little warm during the summer months but I think you should be fine now as far as that is concerned. You will be pleased with both, we just wish were we going but this year our daughter (16yr old) will be driving our trip.

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    I think it is really personal preference and both are fantastic, but if I could only go with one it would be Feathers. The air conditioning was nice and the food spectacular. I really liked Lemongrass too, but loved Feathers.

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    What days of the week will you be there? They only have a buffet twice a week, the beach party and the international buffet. The international is amazing and not to be missed. If i remember correctly the international was on Monday night.
    We loved Lemongrass but then we love Thai food. Feathers was excellent too. I'm curious as to why you would be eating off property one night as the food at CSA is fabulous. You will be hard pressed to beat it locally. As far as quantity, your meal is as big as you want to make it. If you want 3 appetizers, order them, it is no problem and included.

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    Thanks for the replies. We'll be arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Thursday. If the International buffet is on Monday nights we'll be sure to eat there. We have a list of local restaurants that serve truly authentic Jamaican crusine and we want to try one. This is certainly no slight against the food at CSA as we've heard that it's amazing!!! Whenever we travel abroad, whether we purchase an AI package or not, we always make a point of finding restaurants that serve great food indigenous to that county. It's not always about the food; we thourghly enjoy mingling with the locals.

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    If you can make an early reservation for Lemongrass, there is nothing quite like sitting on the balcony and watching the sunset.

    You ask about the quantity of food - this really isn't a problem, since you can order as much as you like. For example, the appetizer sampler at Lemongrass is excellent. There is plenty of food there, but if your guy is a big eater, you might want to order 2 appetizer samplers.

    Feathers is a much more formal experience than Lemongrass. If you think you would like the air conditioning (especially if it is particularly humid during your stay), go for Feathers. Really, you can't go wrong either way.

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    Feathers is definitely more formal; excellent french style dining with a Jamaican twist on many of the dishes - I loved the fantastic food presentation, especially the dessert tower - 5 or so different 2-bite desserts served on a very unique triangular wooden display!
    Lemongrass is also very good, especially if you can get a seat on the outdoor patio. Even though the menu is not very extensive, you can really customize your main course, with choice of protein and sauce, so the possibilities are really endless!
    We loved both, but did end up going to Feathers twice, vs. just once to Lemongrass, so I guess that gives away our preference!

    Nat and Bill
    CSA - Nov 23 - Dec 2

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    Try to go to both! they are both fantastic. it would be hard to chose

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    I would choose Lemongrass, not only is the food and atmoshpere great but you don't need to dress up as much as you do at Feathers so you can pack less clothing.

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    Like someone else said, totally a personal preference. For us, Lemongrass. Neither I nor my husband are Feathers fans. Lemongrass has good food and a lovely atmosphere.

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    Lemongrass has better food and sitting on the patio is the best meal experience at CSA.

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    LEMONGRASS ALL THE WAY...Their vegetable spring rolls with dip are the BEST and I have been craving them ever since we had to leave....

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    Lemongrass would be my choice but both are fabulous.

    Kevin & Angie

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    I have to say Lemongrass! Loved the food, oh , those spring rolls!! Also, sitting on the balcony looking over the beach was just beautiful and romantic!

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    Default Sunday Night Dinner

    Hi Marnies,

    We will be missing dinner Sunday night. Do you by chance, know if that is the beach party?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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    Good question and tough choice. My husband and I just returned from CSA yesterday and we were disappointed with the food at Lemongrass this time. Based on our experience this week, I would definitely suggest Feathers.
    The atmosphere at Lemongrass is nicer, the balcony is terrific, assuming you get to sit outside. When we ate at Lemongrass this past week, we were inside, near the balcony overlooking the Palms stage, and given we had a 9PM reservation, the entertainment started at 9:30 and made quiet conversation difficult.
    We still enjoyed our meal, but it wasn't as good as last year.

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    SeaSun - the beach party is Friday night; the International Buffet is Monday night.

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