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    A few months back, there was a thread about "confusion" at the Charlotte airport. Something about a second line to go through and not having to wait (and possibly late for your flight) after the escalator? I looked for the thread and couldn't find it. Help?

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    Did a search for "escalator" and only that one and yours came up.

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    Get to the airport on time and everything will be cool. The special lines are for people the fly 50,000 plus miles per year. If you are connecting, RUN.
    Irie Mon

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    Thelilone - I posted the thread. When connecting back through Charlotte (on your way home), you will go through immigration and customs. Then you will go up an escalator to go back through security. The escalator dumps you at the Security gate for "D" concourse. People coming from immigration just assume they have to go into this line to go through security, and it can get horribly backed up. Once you get off the top of the elevator, turn left and head about 100 feet down the concourse to the security checkpoint for the "C" concourse. Most of the connecting flights leave out of C or B anyway (unless you are taking a commuter flight, then it is out of E). Trust me, it will save you a lot of time. And Jon1963, sorry, you are incorrect, this line is not just for preferred passengers or frequent fliers.

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