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    Default CSA verandah room bathrooms

    While I love the Verandah rooms at CSA the bathrooms are a bit dated : (. It seems like all the other resorts have had great bathroom renovations but these rooms are still lacking.

    Not that the bathroom is the most important thing of course (I've stayed in this room 2 times and coming back for a 3rd!) but it would be a nice bonus!

    Any chance they have plans for this before my Christmas trip?

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    Doubtful the verandah rooms were just build in around 2005 I thought the bathrooms were just fine in that room type what do you not like?
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    It's not that I think there is anything wrong with them... I was just saying compared to the newer bathrooms at the rest of the resorts they are somewhat boring.. even the garden suites at Couples Negril look very new with the mosaic tiling and modern sinks/showers. The Verandah bathrooms while clean and simple just don't have much "style".
    I'll mention again it clearly isnt the most important thing as I dont send too much time in there.. but it would be a nice little extra : ).

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