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    Default I-Pod

    Do the docking stations in the rooms charge your i-pod? or is it just for listening? We leave tomorrow AM. Should be on the beach by 3pm. Can't wait

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    The play and charge your I-Pod.
    Irie Mon

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    Default I-Pod

    Will an I-phone fit in the i-pod docks in the rooms?

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    Default Ipod stations at all resorts?

    Does anyone know if these are in the old section at CSA now? Thanks!

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    All of CSA has the new iPod docking station/alarm clock. It will charge most iPods. The iPhone will play on it, but I don't think that it will charge it. Our friends had the iPod touch and it would play, but not charge.

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    any special cable needed for the iphone or touch to play it?

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    Thanks Yazmon

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordborg View Post
    any special cable needed for the iphone or touch to play it?
    The Touch has the standard IPod interface on the bottom. Drop it in and play.

    I can't speak for the IPhone as I make a govt salary.

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    I have a first generation iPod and it charged just fine.

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