We are headed to CN with a good size crowd to celebrate a friends birthday. We are going to be there for 5 days then go to CTI to check out the new vibe there for 4 days and some one on one time. My question is this: how to get from CN to CTI in a few hours without paying more than another days stay.

My husband and I were married at CSA in 2002 and are 5x repeaters. I know we could jump the van from CN to MBJ then transfer to CTI but honestly, I think I will pass that 5 hour ride.

I emailed TimAir with our request and was given a rate of $650!!! No way, mon.

Was wondering if anybody had a reputable, safe driver recommendation? We have traveled off of the resorts only a little and only a "cab ride" to and from CSA to Negril for some shopping, local eats etc but haven't got to know a driver that well. I know some of you repeaters have ventured out more and have made friendships with some local drivers. I am sure that the staff at CN would help "hook you up" but just want to have things pinned down a little before departure.

Thanks for your help!