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    Default CTI or CN....Please help me choose!

    I have never visited Jamaica or the Couples resorts before and am planning a "weddingmoon" in June. I have it narrowed to two but am torn!

    CTI sounds wonderful, updated and private. The only drawback I see is a small beach. CN has a huge beach and looks absolutely beautiful from the pics I have seen. We are looking for beautiful scenery, lots of fun and a romantic setting. I am also drawn to Ocho Rios for the excurstions. If you have been to both, which do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance for your replies and let me just say I am SO excited to come next summer, not matter which I choose!

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    If you are looking for private and excursions then CTI is the place for you.
    Irie Mon

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    I have been to CN twice, visited CSA, stayed at CSS, and will tour CTI this next trip on a trading places day, but having been on both sides of the island, I can tell you they are very different.

    It comes down to what it is you want in your vacation, and if the beach is at the top of your priority list, then I will tell you CN hands down. The beaches cannot compare. As far as inclusions, CTI offers Dunns River and Horseback Riding in addition to everything CN offers.

    If you are into A/N, CTI has Tower Isle, although CN offers a A/N area, it is small, and not nearly as private as what CSS and CTI have to offer.

    CSS has a private cove beach similar to that at CTI, there was nothing wrong with the beach. If there were we would not be returning in April, BUT Negril is known for the beaches and Ocho Rios is known for it's lushness.

    Katherineelise, which one can you not get out of your mind? Which one is the one you keep going back to? That is the resort that is calling you, and that is the one you should choose. That is advice I received many years ago by a repeater, and that is the best advice any of us repeaters can give to you.

    Good Luck, and Congratulations, you really can't make a bad decision here, so no worries!

    Happy Travels,

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    I was in the same situation until this morning. I thought I wanted to go to Negril for the beach but couldn't decide between the two. I had decided on CN but when we went to book yesterday at supper the price had jumped since the morning. I last minute changed my mind to CTI, it has very nice beach, maybe not as nice but nice all the same. The other big difference is the beach is private, little or no foot traffic or vendors while you are tanning. It just seemed to us that you get alot more bang for your buck at CTI and the room views are an unbeatable price by the other couples resorts. I know I will try the others in years to come but I am so happy with our "first time" choice! Don't stress like I did, it will just come to you, go with your gut I was told.

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    I'm sorry I can't help you, I've never stayed in either of those resorts, my DH and I are about to make our second trip to CSA.
    What I can tell you is no matter which you choose, you will absolutely love Couples and won't want to go anywhere else!
    Good luck choosing!

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    We love both CTI and CN for different reasons. CTI was the first Couples resort we visited and have been there 3 times and we went to CN while the renovations were being done at CTI. There was a wedding on Tower Island while we were there in August and it looked beautiful. However if you are wanting a beach wedding I would probably recommend CN. The beach is amazing there. You will not be disappointed either way.

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    We stayed at CTI in 07 and at a non-couples resort in Negril 10 years ago. So while I can't compare both Couples resorts I can say that we chose to go to CN on our return this year because although CTI was wonderful we prefer a place where we can take long beach walks. CTI beach is very small.

    Another factor is that CTI has the island for AN but you need to get there by boat instead of just walking to the beach. And if you are into that sort of thing you will be sitting on rocks at CTI not sitting in the sand.

    If An isn't in your plans and you don't need a long beach then either should be OK.

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    We've stayed at CTI CN & CSA, our favourite is CN. How long are you staying, we split the trip one time with 7 days at CTI the 7 at CN with a private plane transfer with Timair.

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    For a weddingmoon, I would choose between CSS and CN.

    CSS is soo romantic and quiet, the two of you can just get lost together. The wedding gazebo over the ocean is great as is getting a couples massage over the ocean. With just 140 suites and 38 acres, it is very romantic. Beaches are private and nice.

    CN is the fun place, rooms are not as nice, but there is no better beach in Jamaica. CN tends to be more socially active. The wedding gazebo in the garden is a nice also.

    Go to the resort site and do the 360 views and then choose. Whatever you choose will be great because Couples staff will treat you like a price and a princes.

    Can't wait to get to CN on Nov 27th. Did CSS last year.

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    If you're trip is 10 days or greater, why not book each and have the best of both worlds? That's what we did.

    Not that you couldn't split time if it was less than 10 days, but from what everyone says, it's a long drive between these two resorts, so it may not be worth it for a length of stay less than this. We're doing a 7/4 CTI/CN split and we feel it's very much worth the effort.

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    We stayed at CTI in 1998 when it was the only Couples Resort. We thought it was okay but were unimpressed with the beach. We're originally from Michigan, and the beach wasn't even what we were used to at home.

    While we didn't have a bad time, we weren't planning to return. When our plans to visit Grand Cayman in 1999 fell through, we decided to visit the newly opened CN. We LOVED IT and have returned every year. If your primary interest is the beach, I wholeheartedly recommend CN.
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    CTI is nothing like it was in 1998. It is more like CN when it first open, all new. Yes the beach is small, but private.
    Irie Mon

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    We've only been to CN -- but been there 4 times and headed for a 5th in Dec!!!!

    If I were going for a weddingmoon (as opposed to a vacation), here's what I would say are the ups and downss of CN . . .

    As others have said, superb beach and nice pool. The folks are very social and tend to gather around the pool in the late afternoon. Beach is large for the number of people at CN, the sand is like silk, and the water calm and gorgeous. Water sports are great and you have a shletered bay in which to play.

    Activities include the "booze cruise" and some folks go to Ricks or Maguaritaville or whatever (obviously, we haven't done it) where the drinks are $$ but the view at sunset is said to fantastic. There are probably more excursions from CTI than CN. However, we're so excited just to relax on the beach and in the pool, partake of the great food and drinks, we've never ventured off the property. So, go figure.

    Most people choose to get married on the beach -- there's a nice area set aside for it but it is public so folks on the beach can watch. Don't worry, no one interferes but we all like to see a bride & groom on their wedding day.

    The CN A/N beach is cordoned off with hedges but, if you venture into the water, it's no longer private. If you aren't into A/N (we're not), you'll probably not even notice the A/N section. My guess -- and it's only that -- is that A/N isn't as popular at CN as at CTI, but that doesn't mean folks don't partake.

    The only negative I can think of is for a weddingmoon is that the regular CN rooms aren't as luxurious as either the suites at CN or the suites at CTI (at least, based on the pix and descriptions). They're fine, comfortable, etc. but not luxurious -- they look like the pictures on the site. So, if a fantastic room is important to you, keep that in mind.

    That said, also realize that you'll likely spend a lot less time in your room than you think and thus, how important is it? That's really a choice you have to make based on your preferences. As others have said, every Couples resort is great and I've no doubt you'll enjoy CN as much as we have!

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