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    I have done most of my traveling in the summer months. Going at the end of Nov. is going to be new to me. Here in the "lovely Midwest" it is now dark when I go to work and getting dark on my way home. What is the typical sunrise/sunset time in Jamaica this time of year?
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    Default here is a link to the sunrise sunset data

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    Jamaica is close to the equator and thus the time of sunrise/sunset does not change dramatically like it does in the States.
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    Totally OT, but when I say the title of your post I immediately began humming the song from fiddler on the roof. LOL.

    To tag onto the previous posts, though, Jamaica also does not observe Daylight Savings Time so the time that the sun sets during the summer IS very close to the rest of the year.

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    I've used this site before. The airport code for Montego Bay is MBJ. Then just plug in your dates and viola!

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    Thanks all!!!
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    LMAO Vee!! I did the exact same thing.

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