Sue and i return last week from a short trip to Swept Away. we went there for the Anniversary Party weekend. If you ever have the chance to go during this weekend treat yourself and do it.

We had a great flight in from Memphis and a quick ride to the resort. we only stayed four nights and took carry on only so the airport was no problem mon.

We stayed this trip in a Beachfront Suite, our first time in the original section. what a great location and view from the room.

What we didn't expect was the heat. the first couple of days was high 90's with humidity to match. the room had a bit of a time keeping up with the a/c with the conditions.

OK, the party: we were welcomed into the Aura Lounge by Mr. Bowleg and then over to the cocktail party in an room right off the lounge. we spoke with Randymon and many folks there and had a nice selection of snacks and great drinks to start the evening with.

Off to dinner. well this was something to behold. the Patois Patio had all the salads and such you could imagine and the pool deck next to the swimup bar had the entrees.

Chef Spath was overseeing things outside and we spoke with him as well. we were treated to tastes from all the parishes of Jamaica. truly wonderful fare.

deserts resided in Feathers. oh my goodness. i have never seen such a selection.

seating was on the beach, or inside Patios if you could handle the heat inside.

the entertainment was very good. we were entertained by Bob Marley, Elvis and Michael Jackson. a great show and all the entertainers were fantastic.

we left the beach and the and the show just a few minutes early to head upstairs to the Aura Lounge for the late night party. we grabbed a seat at the bar and Dermon and all were ready to keep the good times going.

the lounge had very many folks migrate upstairs and in short time the room was rocking. Sue and I had the pleasure of meeting Richard of Richard & Brenda from the CMB there and that was a very nice surprise.

M'Lady Sue and I retired that night very happy and in a wonderful mood thanks to the wonderful event that Couples had provided for all to enjoy.

Bottom line folks is that if you ever have the chance to go to your resort of choice for it's respective Anniversary Party it will be an event you will never forget.