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    Default off resort guests

    i have a single guests that is staying at another resort.
    she will be paying the 200 to come into the resort the day of the wedding. can she come in the day before the wedding too if she pays another 200?

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    im not to sure about that, cause they are only allowed to come hafe hour before the wedding and that is it,, i do belive. I am haveing the same question, but i think you would have to ask Debbie Hall.. She can asnswer your question,Hope you luck and congrats, im getting married Dec4th/2009 there..

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    We almost had a single guest for our party and they were able to stay on property they just had to pay the same double occupancy rate we did. He ended up not being able to come but the state-side wedding coordinator Debbie said it was no problem at all. Is that an option?

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