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    Even though we've been to Couples several times, this is the first time that we plan to golf. Question, does the course offer rentals in both men's and ladies clubs?


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    Yes they do, and right and left hand.

    See this link for information and pictures.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi Piperman,

    You didn't specify which resort you're staying at so we could tell which course you'll be playing. I played at Upton GC (CTI & CSS Resorts) 6 years ago and at Negril Hills GC (CSA & CN)this past December. I think that Upton has better rental clubs than Negril Hills does but if you both are good golfers and you want to enjoy playing, lighten up your bag and bring your own clubs. My buddy has a 7 handicap and the clubs he rented were terrible at Negril Hills. He ended up renting a private set from our caddie the second round we played there. If you want any more advice you can e-mail me at or ask here, I'll check back again.

    Enjoy, Steve

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