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    Default First timer with question

    Hello to all! Well, I've searched the FAQs and read thru recent posts so I hope I am not repeating a question that comes up all the time...

    My husband and I are planning a trip to a Couples resort in March. We haven't yet decided which one, and which room to get, but trying to decide is half the fun! My question though is this: We are planning to travel with another couple. Everything I read talks about how romantic Couples is and everything, which is a huge draw, but it got me wondering- is it going to be possible to have dinner/drinks/hang out with another couple from time to time? I'm guessing it is, since it appears that groups meet up down there, but wondered if it's "frowned upon" to share tables or pull beach chairs closer.

    A group of late twenty somethings (them) and early thirtysomethings (us) who appreciate good food, drinks, and sun with the occasional entertainment but nothing crazy from Minnesota thank you for your advice.

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    When we were at CSS last November, we saw tons of groups hanging out together. They were so funny and usually were our entertainment on the beach during the day! I would say it is totally acceptable!

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    We went with another couple last year and had the best time. On the beach all day together. The men went on jet skis, we went to the logo shop!! Ate together at night, or seperately, if we preferred. Great holiday. You don't have to be joined at the hip for the entire time so you get the best of both worlds.

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    It is perfectly fine to sit together or pull chairs up. They don't mind a small group (2-3 couples), but can't always accommodate a larger group. So enjoy your good conversation with some wonderful food.
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    When we had our wedding there, the staff was very accomodating on allowing our whole group to sit together at restaurants and stuff. It may be a couples only resort, but it's definately a place where you can relax with other couples, or be by yourself depending on what you are in the mood for.

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    Hanging out together should not be a problem. There are a lot of people who either come with someone else, or meet up with others at the resort. We had been at the resort with a Mother & Father, their daughter and her SO. They always sat together. Your vacation is what you want it to be, so don't worry.

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    No worries, we travel with other couples every trip, in fact we have yet to travel to Couples alone. It does not matter. We have one rule. Nobody's feelings get hurt ever no matter what, first and foremost this is a couples vacation. So if we want to have dinner as a group, we do, if we want to have a romantic dinner alone, we say so and do. If we want to go take a romantic walk alone and maybe even disappear for awhile we do. It is the best of both worlds travelling with friends, as long as everyone understands it is a couple vacation first!

    Coloradojuli is correct though small groups are not a problem, but larger groups are not the norm, and depending on the restaurant, sometimes need to be split into groups of 4.

    Have fun researching and making your decision.

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    There are no rules about this at Couples. Everyone is very laid back.
    You see large groups, small groups, couples alone. You do whatever you want to do.We have been with other friends to the resorts and we have been alone. I like it both ways.

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    Default thanks!

    Thanks everyone! We are going to book at CTI and are SOO excited!!!! Leaving March 1, if everything works out... (fingers crossed, will feel more confident after I put down a payment..)

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    No problem what-so-ever!!! We traveled with two other couples and had a great time, plus we met two more couples while we were there and they joined us. Check out the meet up threads, there are tons of people meeting up and traveling to Couples together, or planning to be there at the same time. Go and have a BLAST!!!

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    Do not worry -- you can spend as much or as little time as you want with the friends that come with you. It is a very romantic place, but not so much that all you see are lovebirds!! At least this is true at CSS and CN. We prefer CN because of the more compact size of the resort. Nothing is more than a few steps away! The rooms are pretty much the same, I think, whether you get a garden room or a beachfront (unless you opt for a suite). The beachfront rooms are very nice, but we were in the room so little that this time we chose the garden room so we could stay an extra day. Still had a very nice little patio where we could share drinks and relax. Can't wait to go back to CN! You will love it!

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    We are going back next month. We met another couple on the bus last time and hung out with them all week. We are going back at the same time as them this year because we had so much fun. Go with your friends, it will be even better. You can hang out together or hang out alone.

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    We always travel with another couple, sometimes two, and meet other friends while we're at CTI. There have been many times when we've had dinner with 6 or 8 people. No worries, mon! Have fun! You will LOVE CTI!!!
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