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    Default Should we repeat CTI? Sailing/watersports question

    Our last Couples visits have been to CN and CSA and our favorite experience has become sailing the Hobie cats. We got married at CTI pre-renovation years ago and would like to go back there this year. Thinking back, I recall many red flag days during that visit in April. Is that typical at CTI? I cant remember. Having opportunities to sail is important and we want to make sure we won't be disappointed at CTI - at least in terms of sailing - know the rest would be great. Our visit is planned for end of September. Excluding the hurricane factor, how is the sailing at CTI?

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    We were there last year 7/27-8/3. There were no red flag days while we were there. It was great weather and we thoroughly enjoyed all of the water sports! I hope this helps!

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    We were there in January 2013. Three days were total red flags, three more no hobie cats and one was great. However. the one day we could go out I was not impressed with what we could do. You were told to stay within sight, so largely that meant a lap around the island, avoiding the reef and anyone in the water. With a good breeze they were FAST laps around the island. I greatly prefer Long Bay or Bloody Bay in Negril where there was a lot more room to do things in.

    We did a Trading Places to CSS and there it is stay within the reef and be bored or venture out and prepare for waves, fairly big waves on that day. Again, I longed for Long Bay in Negril (Bloody Bay the winds can leave you bobbing like a cork for long periods of time).

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    As far as red flag days, April 2013 I don't think there was one red flag day for the first three weeks. We only stayed one of those weeks and it was a bit breezy, but no red flag days.

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    Out of 21+ days spent at CTI over the months of Mar, Apr and May, I think we've had a total of 2-3 red flag days, and I think only one of them lasted all day. There is no guarantee of course, but I wouldn't worry too much. Or maybe we've just been exceedingly lucky.

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    We were just there in early June and there were no red flag days. Nice stiff breezes every day, but that was just good sailing weather.

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