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    Default Steel drums at the beach party

    We really enjoy the steel drums at the beach party. I don't know if anyone else feels this way or not but a half hour would be enough for us. When we first started going to Couples, they would have a real nice variety for the beach party like the limbo dancers and fire dancers and island dancers in addtion to the steel drums. Now, every year, all we see are the steel drums. It is just kind of getting redundant. Would anyone else love to see a bit more variety for the beach party show? Just curious. Maybe Couples offers a variety at times, but not when we have been there.

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    We now plan for on off site dinner on Tuesday nights at CSS. Seeing them twice was more than enough for us.

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    I have to agree. I enjoy the beach party, but by the 3rd time I was tired of listening to them for as long as they play.

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