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    Default What to expect when your expecting to be Au Naturel

    I read a thread and decided to write our experience along with some tips.

    My wife and I went for our honeymoon July 2013. We had never really tried a beach like this before. My wife was very unsure of the whole thing but after thoroughly investigating these message boards and various other sites on the topic she made a plan.

    The first day after breakfast go to the nude beach. Sit as far away from others as you need to. At some point you will get thirsty. You may have to grab your wife a drink and bring it back. Soon you will have to go to the restroom which is by the bar anyway (this is at CSS). You can then choose to stay by the bar/pool/people that are talking and having a blast. Or you can go back to your original spot and try again later. She only agreed upon me agreeing that if she felt uncomfortable at any point we would leave no questions asked.

    We loved it! She even more so than I could have imagined. We met lots of people, made friends with the bartender and felt at home in no time. Not to mention that most of the people who were at SSB were returners. They knew the ins and outs, what was worth it and what was not. We met other newly weds and met late one night at the pool and even had one couple give us their $100 excursion credit. We did not even step foot on the textile beach.

    We have spent all year trying to find some place like SSB that was closer and more affordable but it does not exist. We have decided to go again for our anniversary this year and cannot wait to get back.

    We do not have "beach bodies" we were both very nervous. We had been to beaches and had the uncomfortable feeling of sand in unintentional places and a wet swimsuit on our bodies. When at a regular beach you very rarely communicate to others and therefore feel you are being judged. This is not the case on a nude beach. Everyone's flaws are visible so all are equal. After that is is how you act. Some people have their own idea of how people will be acting.

    My advice:
    Read the room; don't jump into the pool screaming, "Look at me!" (This did happen)
    Have something to talk about with others; yes, everyone is aware they are naked and yes they see that lady on the other side of the pool with the huge knockers, it's their wife. (Over heard this conversation)
    Don't be afraid to do activities AN; you just might make some friends. (Bocce ball, bingo, trivia, volley ball)
    Bring sun glasses and a hat and more sunscreen;...I know your going the the beach, duh! But these items not only protect you from the sun, they protect your identity. We would make plans to meet a couple and be completely surprised by what they looked like that evening.
    Bring water shoes;CSS SSB has a not so pleasant ocean swimming experience.
    Make sure and put your swim suit on; When you get back from Jamaica people are going to wonder what you did the whole time if you have no pictures.
    Do not over pack; We bought all of these clothes and didn't wear half of them. My wife brought like 3 or 4 bathing suits and we only wore them once. She bought a brand new bathing suit for the honeymoon and it never got wet.(Used for pictures the last day)
    Make an agreement for leaving and returning to the AN beach well before your trip when you have the jitters you are likely to back out too soon. Agree to have a few drinks and how many times you would like to try before you give up. (I doubt this will happen)

    But above all go the first day. It's better to realize your not into it after your first day at Couples than to realize you have been missing out on your last day before you leave.

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    Great advice! That seems to sum up what we've read over and over on the AN Boards. Have a drink or two and go on the first day so you have no regrets. Those that do try it, wonder what all the fuss is about. In fact it seems to me, most are longing to return to CSS and won't even go near the textile beach when they do! Unfortunately we have not gone yet, still deciding on a date.

    Similar situation with us; my BFs neighbors are nudists. Of course the first time over there was strange - for about a minute. That was about a year ago. They are so friendly and now we can't wait to join them and meet their friends. We've actually gotten to the point where we are usually naked or partially naked at our own homes. And the wet swimsuit is more of a hate thing now rather than just a dislike. We wonder why every pool can't just be clothing optional. Live and let live. Sorry no more soap box

    Anyway, if you are reading this and are considering go to CSS or even any other place that offers a nude or C/O pool or beach, try it!! You just might like it.


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    Well said and totally agree! The staff call us the ambassadors of TI when we are there every September! Have talked a lot of couples in regards to the wonderful experience and the only complaint we've ever heard was why did they wait until the last day of their trip. We have made many, many friendships on TI and many check with us prior to schedule their trip the same time. One year, a couple loved it so much that she cried her last day at the dock upon return and asked if they could extend their trip. Sure enough they did and return every year the same time.

    We also love SSB and trading places.

    Loyalists since 1980!

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