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    Default Staying out of the sun before the big day???

    I have a random question that might seem silly! We will be arriving on a Friday and married in a Monday! What do you suggest to do in that time to stay out of the sun? My dress is backless and the thought of tan lines from being in the sun those first few days is a little worrying! what have any past brides done or any planning to do? And... Before anyone suggests.. We are staying at CSA so no AN for us to do! Thanks in advance!!
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    Topless sun bathing is an option...or undoing the straps so as to prevent the tan lines.

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    I always get a base tan from a tanning bed prior to going. ( I go for 4 weeks prior) I go to CSA in May every year and haven't had time to get any sun prior due to it being so early in the season. The sun is closer to the equator there so it is intense. I always always always use a sunblock of atleast an 8 or 12 to keep from getting leather/wrinkles looking. I still end up with the darkest tan ever!!! ( I do tan easily). Congrats !!! Im getting married there May 15th !!!!

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    Go topless, you're going to be in Jamaica for your weddingmoon, let loose That's my opinion, not to say I'd be perfectly comfortable doing that though either lol! We are getting married at CSS on June 9th, I didnt even think about tan lines! A little make up helps too. There's no way you can stay out of the sun for 3 days in Jamaica though! Maybe just lay on your back most of the time and when you do roll to your stomach, undo your top! Let us know if you think of a genius solution to this

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