We have been to Couples Sans Souci once, Couples Negril many times and Couples Barbados once. My question is do they still serve Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky in Negril? If so is it only served at certain places in the evening ? When we started going to Couples years ago it was served in all the bars any time. In the last few years it has been curtailed to certain bars in the evening.

Does anybody know which Scotch you get if you order it for the mini bari n your room? I know for sure it is not a single malt but cannot remember which one it is.

My only other comment is that we have found it strange that in Jamaica they do not serve Jamaican Ginger beer. My husband loves Rum and ginger beer. A Dark and Stormy they call it in Bermuda.

We are coming back for another 2 weeks shortly and cannot wait to meet everybody again and enjoy the Hospitality, food and Scuba diving in this fantastic resort..