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    Default Blue Mountain biking tour

    My wife and I will be coming back to CSS for trip number 2 shortly in June and she is desperately wanting to take the mountain biking tour of the Blue Mountains. A bit of advice from anyone that has taken this tour is appreciated. Is it recommended to book thru the tour company itself or should I wait to book it when I get to CSS? I have read on the message boards about people being forgotten about when it comes time for the trip or being burned on the fee that they pony up prior to arriving to Jamaica. If anyone has or knows someone that has experienced the mountain biking excursion to the Blue Mountains please feel free to give me some advice on the matter. Thanks. I am counting the days until we return home!

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    We did this trip several years ago and it was great. We didn't even have great weather and still had fun. There was a light rain and they provided ponchos for us as we rode down the mountain. We bought ours from the tour desk at CTI and were picked up as scheduled and returned as scheduled. The trip did take pretty much all day...most of which was on the tour bus. That's still fun as you get to see some of the island that's normally off the tourist path but it was alot of sitting.

    The actual bike ride was cool. There were several stops during which we looked at the coffee plants and the guides described some of the process. I seem to remember a stop for food along the way. At the end of the ride, we stopped at a swimming hole in the mountains. This was sort of a mixed bag as we were surrounded by lots children looking for tips, etc. While I certainly can't blame the children for trying to take the opportunity to make some money as they have so little, it did make me somewhat uncomfortable as I didn't have a ton of singles to give them.

    I went in thinking it would be something along the lines of the downhill ride on Maui but it wasn't nearly as steep or long nor did it have that ride's amazing views. Our views were somewhat dampened by the bad weather clouds. We did not see the ocean or Kingston (which I've heard others mention) anywhere along the ride...just the beautiful vegetation.

    Enjoy...I'd definitely recommend it.

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    Great question. I would like to know how far is this excursion from CSS?

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