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    Default Best day to trade places Cn to CS

    My husband and I are travelling to CN for our very first time on Apr. 17th, for one week.
    What day would you recommend us to visit CS?
    And what is the best restaurant there to eat lunch?

    thanks for any and all advice!

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    You are only there from 10-4 and it's only offered m-w-and Fridays so it doesn't really matter. My favorite lunch spot is Seagrapes. Lots of healthy choices and the best snapper sandwich! The self serve beer tap rocks too. 17 sleeps for us

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    Lunch at CSA is my fav!
    chips and dip (I forgot the name) from seagrapes.
    Nachos from the self serve machine!

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    Like softail stated, it's on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are traveling for a week, I would NOT suggest waiting until the last possible day. I say that because of weather. Suppose your trip is due to end on Saturday and you scheduled the "Trading Places" for Friday. If it's a rainy day and you cancel, you have no chance to reschedule. Your experience at CSA will be limited on a rainy day and you won't even have a room to which you could retreat. If you originally scheduled it for Monday or Wednesday and it was rainy, at least you have the chance to cancel, reschedule and hope for better weather.

    I agree with Seagrapes as a lunch option. Delicious food right on the beach and a dining option that CN has nothing like.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Beware, it will be very hard for you to leave CN. You might not be able to leave. That's OK. It took us several years of visits to be able to leave for the day. We did finally go to CSA and really enjoyed it.

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    Sweet potato chips and hummus dips at seagrapes, all the salads rock too

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    Definitely Seagrapes! Best fish tacos and chip & dip! I'm so excited to trade places on our upcoming trip just to visit Seagrapes again!

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    I would recommend doing "two" light lunches. Start out at Sea Grapes with the sweet potato chips, hummus and a cool Red Stripe. Trek on over to the Beach Grill. Enjoy some delicious Jerk Chicken and fries....and a beverage of your choice! Top off your lunch with an ice cream from Sea Grapes. Don't concern yourself with the calories. You will be walking it off on this lovely property. Enjoy!

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    Any day is the same. I'd also recommend fish tacos with dips at Seagrapes and grab a patty for the road at the cabana grill. Enjoy the better bigger beach and relax near the south end.

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    Duplicated posting.
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    thank you all for your replies!
    I was thinking about it, the only reason I really wanted to see CSA would be close access to the shopping, however I know CN does the shuttle to the shopping, so should I just do that instead? Is it really worth losing a day over? We only have a week!

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    Yes go. You may find you like the beach better.

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    We will be at CSA in a couple weeks. First time there, never been to CN either. Is it even worth it for us to leave CSA for the day to go to CN? It sounds like CN to CSA is more popular than CSA to CN.

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    Calico696, yes, go to CN. We stayed at CN in Oct and did the trading places to CSA. It allowed us to see CSA for ourselves and helped to insure that we had chosen the best resort for us. Another couple that was staying at CN visited CSA and thought that it was the best resort for them. That would be good information to have for a future visit. Later in the week a couple we met while at CSA was visiting CN. They really liked CN and wished they had booked there. Again, valuable information to have.

    You never know until you go. There is nothing like having your feet on the ground and being able to look around with your own eyes. Go and check out CN. Then you will know better which resort will be the best for you.

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    Yes go, it's really a nice perk to see and partake of another resort and check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico696 View Post
    We will be at CSA in a couple weeks. First time there, never been to CN either. Is it even worth it for us to leave CSA for the day to go to CN? It sounds like CN to CSA is more popular than CSA to CN.
    One reason to consider going from CSA to CN for a day trip would be to try the AN facilities at CN. I'm sure there may be others but since I haven't been to CSA, I don't want to comment on CN's other numerous wonderful qualities which I'm sure CSA cannot match. Might make you wish you had booked CN over CSA

    Sure you will have a wonderful trip.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    It's definetly worth it to trade places from CSA to CN. CN has a totally different vibe and feel, that we like a lot better. Plus if you want to leave before the shuttle it's a quick cab ride back.

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