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    Default Question about dress codes

    This will be my first trip to CSS and I want to make a reservation at the nice restaurant (cassinovo, I think it's called)...would slacks and a short sleeve button down be proper attire for a male or should I pack a sports jacket also?

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    No sport jacket, but you will need closed-toe shoes.
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    No jacket required. Have a wonderful dinner and trip!:-)

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    Slacks and a button down shirt would be perfect for Casanova. No sports jacket needed.

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    no need for a coat, he will be fine with a button down or polo

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    The button down shirt and slacks will be fine as long as you have closed toe shoes as well. The diner there is great and you will love Sans Souci it is beautiful.

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    My understanding is slacks, close-toed shoes, and a collared shirt. ie: no t-shirts nor (heaven forbid) tank tops. As the Phil Collins album says "No jacket required".

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    We have been very disappointed in the lack of enforcement of the dress code at Cassanova the last two times we were at CSS. The majority of the guests take the dress code seriously, but there have been a few young men that showed up in shorts and jeans...and they're allowed to dine. Why are they allowed in when the rest of us take the time to pack properly? Not sure, but it is frustrating.
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