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    Default Delta Airlines from Minneapolis February 2015

    We just booked our flight for February 7, 2015 to February 14, 2015.
    Minneapolis non stop to MBJ coach - about $700.00, 1st class about $1000.00
    IMHO- this is a great deal and wanted to share with the board.

    We initially had planned on going Feb 14 to Feb 21, but the price of the flight was about $200 more per person.

    Incidentally, I had booked the Love Away plan. I called and changed the dates and it was really easy. No holding, the person spoke good and clear english and I got thru right away.

    CSS here we come.

    Only 3xx more

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    700 pp or for both?
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    Delta has great deals all the time and you have to check daily. My first class tickets from Sacramento were $960pp for Dec 2014. $60 less pp than coach. A day later first class tickets were $1469. Even if first class is a little more it's worth the money since you get up to 3 70lb checked bags free.
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    Can I ask what airline you are using? I cannot seem to find a non-stop for the life of me from MSP to MBJ. Maybe I'm just not experienced enough at searching flights. My husband and I have decided (not for our next trip in December-January, but in the future) that if we fly non-stop, we would probably try to upgrade to Business/1st class to enjoy a WAY more enjoyable day of travel! Thanks for whatever advice you have!! and Congrats on the nice deal!!!

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    Price was per person. Sorry I didn't specify.

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    Lucky you, I couldn't find it, but that's a pretty good deal for non stop. Enjoy!

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    Kimmer- Delta Airlines flies non stop from MSP to MBJ on Saturday's- in February. Not sure about rest of year. Might be a "high season" thing.
    Also, Sun Country Airlines flies non stop out of MSP but they won't release their fares for 2015 until probably end of summer. As far as I know, they are the only 2 airlines that fly non stop out of MSP.

    Check out Saturday to Saturday and you will find the non stop flight. They do seem to fill up pretty quickly and we have always found that the best/cheapest time to book is almost as soon as they release the fares, which I think is about 300 days before travel.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Works really good, you can specify non-stop or # of stops, use nearby airports and is really fast

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    Um... wow, sorry. I did not mean what airline... obviously you wrote Delta right in the subject Does Delta only do non-stops on Saturdays? *blushing for stupidity*


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    Kimmer- I am not sure if they only do Saturdays or not. I kind of think so. I do think Sun Country travels to MBJ out of MSP a couple of days a week. Wed and Sat is what I think I remember.

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    Thanks, Joleen! (Overlap of timing before posting, apparently)

    Good advice all around regarding flights! Thanks!

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    I love Sun Country, wish they would fly year round.

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    $700 non-stop, first class? WOW! I will look every so often at flights from MSP to MBJ and will typically find one-stop coach flights in the mid-$600s per person and non-stop coach flights in the $800s. Unless you want to take a chance with Spirit. They are usually $50-$100 cheaper.

    Through no fault of Couples, the prices of flights to Jamaica have also become a factor on vacation destinations. In 2005, I think we paid about $400 per person, so nowadays the flights themselves are adding an additional $500 to the total cost.

    Beam me up Scotty!

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