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    Default CSS beach bar and grill

    Irie-I do you happen to know when the work on the beach bar and grill will be done? I saw so reviews on TA that said they were remodeling. Any info would be great. Thanks

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    I just read that review! Heading there in 24 days and that's our favorite bar to hang out. I understand that these things need to be done but I hope it's finished by then.

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    It was closed the entire 11 days we were there. Not very happy with the timing!!!
    The schedule was to be complete by March 24th. We left on the 23rd and they were just beginning to tear off the roof. I can easily see another two weeks worth of work, so look into the second week of April to be operating again.
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    It's under repair??

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    I left a message with a friend who works there and will post when I hear back from him. Mrsstorm and rjammin, we will also be there the last week of April, arriving on the 22nd. Come join the April group on the meet up thread!!!

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    We are here at the moment and the Bella Vista is closed, they are currently putting a new roof on it. In the meantime they have set up a marquee next to the main pool and are using that. Its not quite the same as eating on the beach but its still a nice way to eat dinner.

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    Ok, apparently the beach bar and grill are supposed to be finished next Wednesday which would be April 2nd, if things go according to plan!!!

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    OK, it looks like we will be lucky enough to be hanging at the "new & improved" beach bar and Bella Vista.
    Thanks for the update novastar. See you in a few weeks!

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    Hopefully the reno will be completed on time. We are heading to CSS May 10th and would love to see some pictures of the "new" beach bar and restaurant. Maybe you can post some when you return.


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    I just want to bump this up. Any update or pictures from anyone who was there recently?

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    They are still working on replacing the tiles on the roof, the whole area is still covered by tarpaulin so you will have to wait til it opens for photos but they will have to get a move on if its to open tomorrow as rumoured.

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    Thanks Falcon. we arrive on the 18th so I imagine it will be complete and open by then...I hope

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    Uh, it will open when it is ready to open. Not trying to be a smart-a but projects on the island proceed on their own timeframes. Island time is a real thing.

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    Can anybody confirm if the beach bar & Bella Vista upgrades are now complete?

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    Uh, thanks for enlightening me jimpat1. I guess in our 9 previous trips to Jamaica and 6 to other islands I must have missed that about island time.
    It was a simple question and I was looking for a simple answer to it.

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    Not yet! They tore off another section of roof yesterday. Going to be a few more days. Soon come, mon!

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    anyone have pics of the new improved Bella Vista? Its our favorite spot for lunch and dinner!

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