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Thread: October 2015!

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    Default October 2015!

    A long way off, but starting the count down now.

    563 days for us!

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    334 days for us. Always too long, but so worth the wait!!

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    A countdown is better than NONE...we are looking at Oct 2015 as well!!!

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    The wait is excruciating. My above count of 334 days was way off, obviously. As of today, 432 days until 10/3/15.

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    We just got back from CSA. This was our first trip to Negril and Couples. It was our 5th Anniversary. We married in Ocho Rios, Beaches and Honeymooned at Sandals. Looking to rebook CSA for Oct. 2015. I wanted to stay forever! Loved it sooo much!!!! Hope to be joining your confirmed group soon.

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    I booked CSA again. We are so excited to know we are returning October 11-18th! Let our count down begin again.

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    366 days.

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    We are planning our honeymoon for October 2015.. How soon should we be booking it ?? I

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    We are headed there Oct 4th

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    We're first timers - heading out October 23rd to the 28th My hubby and I are so excited!

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    255 days till Couples Swept Away for the 4th October in a row. 10/25 - 11/3 but longer still till our first home Couples Negril 370 days for the 8th time in February 2/1/16 thru 2/26/16. Soon come?

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    First time heading to Jamaica October 1-8th. Couple in our late 20's. Can;t wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caseympierce View Post
    First time heading to Jamaica October 1-8th. Couple in our late 20's. Can;t wait!
    We're there on the cusp of Sept / Oct (Sept 26 - Oct 4)... 29 & 30 yrs. old - we'll be on our honeymoon and cannot wait!

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    We just booked our 3rd trip home! Engaged at CSA in March 2012, celebrated first anniversary there in April 2013, back October 9 -17 2015! Can. Not. Wait.

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