Has anyone had any experience with STEBs (Security Tamper Evident Bags) when you have bought liquor from the duty free stores? I just saw some information on the TSA website that said beginning January 31, 2014, international passengers with connecting flights no longer have to move their duty free liquids to their checked baggage, so long as they are placed in STEBs.



I usually visit the board regularly, and am very surprised that I have not seen any previous threads about this. This will be EXTREMELY helpful for those of us, (like myself and my wife) who like to buy rum, rum creme, and other Jamaican goodies at the duty free shops.

So, has anyone had any experience with these bags? How do you get them? How have they worked? How much can you fit in them? Can you have more than one of them? Do you have to pay for them? If you are putting multiple bottles in a bag, do they give you some sort of bubble wrap to keep the bottles from banging together during flight?

Also, I know there is no limit to bringing back rum creme, but what about Tia Maria? Does that count toward your limit? Or, does anyone know a good online store to buy some for cheap?

Thanks for all your help and answers!!