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    Does anyone know what days/times snorkeling, scuba, and catamaran cruise are offered? I looked on the website but did not find anything.


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    Snorkeling and scuba are offered daily, morning (diving @ 8:45 and snorkeling @ 11) and afternoon (diving @ 1:30 and snorkeling @ 3). The catamaran cruise, as we remember from our last visit, is offered about 3 times a week (Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday) starting at 3:30 PM. Hopefully someone that has a recent activity schedule can be more precise as these things can change. Hope this helps!
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    Snorkeling is 3 times a day.
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    If you are interested in snorkeling, just make sure to book early. When we visited CSA I had recently recovered from a broken ankle (cast was removed the day before our flight) so snorkeling was the only time my ankle didn't hurt while there. Needless to say snorkeling was high on my list of things to do. There were four sites we went to snorkel during the day but we did not do the night snorkel on that trip which required an extra charge. The day you get there, decide how much you're into it and book times accordingly as they will fill up and I don't want you left high and dry. While you can snorkel in the swimming area , there is not as much diversity in fish / bottom life as on the coral. (Although we did come upon a spotted ray in the deep end of the swim area, which was definitely cool.)

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    What sites should we request for snorkeling? I wasn't impressed at CSA last time. I think they called it Mexico where we went.

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    It was 2010 when we went and I can't recall each location specifically. I remember one that had an anchor and cannon that still had lively coral with many fish - Name:  5605087342_e3428c179d.jpg
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    Another - the first time we went out my wife had a ray swim right under neath her, it was closer to the Island just west of Hedo II at the north side of 7MB.
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    Keep in mind if you bring you're own mask and snorkel , you can still see things right in your own swim area.... Including fish / small jellies, starfish and even the occasional ray. (look closely at the pic)
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    The snorkeling times are 11:00, 1:30 and 3:00 (all weather dependent). When we were there in January/February, the catamaran cruise sailed five days/week. We did not take the cruise, so I don't recall specifically which days.

    There are actually over 7 snorkel sites that they can take you to, but they prefer Mexico (which is the one with the anchor and cannon). Other sites include the Bahamas, Cuba, and the Virgin Islands. We found that if the snorkel boat wasn't too crowded, they were much more likely to take us to one of the more remote snorkel sites. We went on the snorkel boat 7 times on our last trip and went to four different sites. Captain Oliver is the best! Julian is also terrific.

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