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    Default 1st time to Jamaica. Going to CN in June. What do I need other than my wife?

    I just want to make sure I don't forget something that I really need. Other than that, As long as I am with my beautiful wife I'll be happy!

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    Bring some long pants and closed toe shoes or dress sandals for dinner at Otaheite. It has a dress code but well worth it. It's a relatively casual resort. Most men wear "Hawaiian" or polo style shirts and dressier shorts in the evenings. (My husband thinks the polo style is too warm in Jamaica) 2 or 3 swimsuits so one is always dry. Of course you'll need sunscreen but besides these things there isn't much else you need to bring.
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    I always like to have a small flashlight, (LED), just incase the power goes out. Have used it at Swept Away and it would have been tough without one.

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    Thanks rrallen, I am steady making notes.

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    Wow, double coverage with two separate threads. This forum has a great search function.

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