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    Default Para Sailing in Jamacia

    We are going for our 1st trip to CN and wonder if you can para sail at the resort?

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    The resorts do not offer parasailing...but there are guys walking the beach renting jet skis & what not. They do parasailing. I have done parasailing in Florida with an extremely reputable company (they have very good weather tracking at the office, quality equipment & staff...have pulled us off the water after a 30 minute boat ride out of the bay when weather changed...very safety conscious). I have no experience with parasailing in Jamaica...but my own personal safety radar tells me I should keep it that way. (your mileage may vary, of course)

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    We were at CN a couple years ago, and yes you can parasail there but it is not something the resort offers. Every day we saw a parasail boat drive by you basically flag them down and do it through them. I can't remember how much it cost but I'm thinking it was like $150ish.

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    I did at csa a few years ago, single sailer $50. It's terrifying and exhilarating too! You are up with the birds. I forgot to add, it was a beach vendor.
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    Did it at CSA in 2011. Wife had never done it and is afraid of heights but wanted to. Cost was $120 for a tandum ride plus $30 in tips between the shuttle boat driver, the parasail boat driver and the guys doing the rigging. You might be abe to bargain with them a little , don't really know. Total airtime was between 10-15 minutes. IMHO not worth the money and only did it because it was something my wife wanted to do outsde her comfort zone. Doubt we will be doing again only because of the cost for what little time you get. Guys were very friendly and rigging was safely done and in good shape. Up to you if you want to spend that kind of cash. You do get a VERY COOL view of the area.

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    Parsail companies are not regulated in Jamaica and are run by the same type of people who offer the jet ski rides/rentals. One of these recently ran over and killed a tourist in a Negril resort's swimming area and then just ran. We went parsailing from CN in 2006 and although the harness seamed sturdy enough, it was tied to he boat with a tiny, frayed rope. I would not do it again outside of the US. Couples does not recommend it and in fact recommends against it.
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    As an note since several have mentioned the Jet Skis on this thread. We were at Couples Negril 2/19-2/27 this year, and the beach was so much nicer and quieter since there were actually no jet skis at all, anywhere in the water. Don't know how long this will last, but with the tourist getting killed last fall, I think they may have stopped them, at least temporarily for a while. I like jet ski's my only issue was with them constantly going up and down by the swim rope hawking there ride. It really made a difference and was so more peaceful.

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