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    First timers here. If we like something we eat at a resort restaurant, can we order more of it? We will be at CTI.
    Are crab legs something you can order on a regular basis?

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    there are no crab legs that I have ever seen, just lobster nite

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    I can't see why you couldn't get more of something, but honestly, I was always SO FULL I could hardly cram down the 5 desserts I wanted to try. Seriously, going hungry is not a problem there. And if you are still hungry after dinner at the ala carte restaurants, you could always hit up the buffet and/or the grill. You will not be lacking in delicious food to try. And the more variety the better in my book! As for crab legs, can't say I've ever seen them there, but I'm not a big crab person, so it's possible I just missed them.

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    The soups are fantastic. I recall one dinner when I told the server how much I enjoyed the soup. "Would you like another?" So I had another bowl of soup. She offered a third, but I had my fill. You can eat as much as you want. I don't know about the crab legs (availability).

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    Eat all you want. I'm guessing you will be ordering more of everything. The food is very good. Sorry, don't know about the crab legs.

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    You can order as much of anything you would like. My husband loves the shrimp appetizer at Casanova and often orders two. As far as crab legs I personally have not had them on two different trips.

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