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    Default Corner Ocean Verandah Suites

    We just got back from a wonderful trip to CSA. We stayed in the atrium rooms. As much as we loved the style of the room with the
    shutters, it was a bit more noisy than we would like. So when we go back we are looking at the ocean verandah rooms.
    Looking at the pictures of those buildings the corner rooms have shutters on the side. Was wondering is there a screen under the shutters
    or glass? Also if you have stayed in those rooms, do you find them pretty quiet?
    We usually ask for an upper level. Sure wish we didn't have to wait for a year to go back.

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    Yes there is glass in the side windows, we stayed in the corner room 1st floor in building 12 last year and hope to get this building again this year, great location. Do you hear things yes...cats at 3am. Our friends were on the 2nd and 3rd floors same building and loved it. We are all trying to get the upper levels this year.

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    Glass, no screens. We have stayed in several of those rooms and they are great
    it's all about the kids

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    So, I can request one of these rooms at precheck in? Didn't I read somewhere that there is some type of pre-check in process?

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    peaches sign up to be a romance rewards member at the bottm of the page and then a week or rwo before your trip, click on the romance rewards again and do the pre checkin on the left margin. It will ask you for your airline info for the shuttle, your minibar contents and there is a place at the end for REQUESTS. Remmber its jst a request. Have fun!

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