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Thread: CSS vs. CTI

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    After reading the posts and then saw your response that it sounds like CSS is your choice. CSS is one of our favorite (will be there in three weeks (April 22nd). We have been to all four of the Couples resorts and love rank three as our number one (CSA, CN, and CSS). We love each for different reasons. When we stayed at CTI we had a wonderful time, and it is a really nice resort, but was just not our style.

    With that context, if the beach is your #1 thing, then suggest you go realizing that it is not an Negril quality beach. The sand is a little rocky, the water a little colder, and the beach is smaller. CSS has two separate beaches. The AN (Sunset Beach) is the nicer with a lovely pool, grill, hot tub, but even colder water since there is a river that flows into the beach water.

    And one of our favorite things when we stay at CSA is also the fish taco's (we have not found then at the other locations). When we stay at CN we will do a trading day to CSA primarily to enjoy the taco's and to see some of the wonderful staff.

    Recognizing the beach differences, I am sure you will fall in love with CSS. It is a very special place and will open up a different experience that is addictive. We go to Jamaica twice a year and alternate between CN/CSA and CSS.

    Wishing you a most wonderful get-away...

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    We prefer CTI over CSS...but not by a lot.

    We think the dining is a bit better at CTI and we like the Island, although Sunset Beach is a really good
    AN facility.

    CTI has more of a beach resort vibe to us which we like, while CSS is more laid back.

    Both are good resorts and you won't go wrong with either in our view.
    CSS - March, 2012, April, 2018
    CTI - March, 2013, 2014, 2015, October, 2016, March 2017

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    CTI and CSS are two different resorts, as others have stated. The main differences I found with the beaches is that I thought that CTI had better sand, plus the water drops off faster, so its better to swim in. At CSS you can go out forever it seems without it getting deep and is kinda mucky. However, CSS is sheltered more from wind and waves, and is longer for walking.

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