I am very pleased with the final outcome for the 2015 price revision. Will everyone like the results? I doubt it. Simply because there are so many of us, with so many different interpretations of “luxury” or “3-4-5 star resorts”. The list is endless. Well, at least it’s very long. What ever the reasons are to those that like and to those who don’t, your reasons are valid. No one should be judging anyone else for whatever choice they make.
Is Couples Resorts for everyone? I highly doubt that too. It is, however, a unique and wonderful experience. With all that they offer, with how they make us feel when we are there, and long after on the MB or FB and through personal e-mails. There were some of the most incredible connections made, not only with other guests, but with the staff. They truly touched our hearts. And if the time comes for a staff person to leave, for what ever reason, many of us shed tears. I’d say that was pretty special, wouldn’t you? So it’s a given fact that, for the most part, I think we’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment and a lifetime of memories.

The larger picture for me, beyond the new prices, is the fact that they were listening. As soon as the first post popped up on the MB. And on FB, BUZZZZZZZ And while we may never know the reasoning that went in to the initial price hike, it is satisfying to know that the Issa family heard our voices and then moved forward to improve the somewhat, shall I say, big, to be kind, price hike.

This organization under the name of Couples, has spent the past 60 plus years advertising their wares. Much like young Abe Issa did when he and his father were peddling their religious articles. In both cases, they would be only as good as their last customer. In other words, they could never stop striving to please their cliental. As young Abe Issa became a man, his vision for the resort was similar to when he was younger. He had to keep pleasing the guests so that they would tell others and they then would go and so on and so on.
The resort today is still only as good as the last group that just left. They take home their great times and lots of pictures and souvenirs. They met great people, loved the staff, great food, yadda yadda yadda. That’s the pattern that has been going on since the beginning. And that’s how the word is spread. So long as the last group that just left had the whole nine yards, they’ll keep raving.

I have said this many times before. I have always had a lot of faith in the family members and others that make Couples a reality, and not just some story in a fairy tale book. They are, I believe, as passionate about the resorts as we are. Perhaps even more. They have a rich history in Jamaica and have contributed much to the Jamaican people. The Couples resorts have brought fun and laughter and enjoyment to thousands that have found their way to one of their properties.

So a brave and extremely far sighted young man had a dream for a resort where guests felt more like “family” rather than just another tourist. I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job at maintaining that goal. I think that the family has a lot of integrity. They aren’t distant landlords. They are definitely hands on. And I, for one, applaud their effort to continue to be sympathetic and open to guests concerns.

As to this price thing, well, I would like to know why and how it got as far as it did. Perhaps some sort of apology to “all their loyal fans” and all others as well. Can I live without knowing and getting a mea culpa, absolutely. I’m already in the process of booking our 2015 trip.
That will be number 38. I never started out to be a repeater. I never thought that we would ever to be able to return. Then, as they say, one thing led to another and here we are today.

I truly can not imagine having to give up returning to a place that has enriched our lives beyond our wildest imaginations. We were enveloped and swept up in tropical wonder. We are grateful beyond words for our somewhat casual introduction to the grand old COR. This experience has to be lived. It can not be explained by words, or music or dance or any other expression of grander. This experience is one that must be lived. You have to be on the beaches, in the waters, lounging. You have to taste the food and sit in their restaurants. And most of all, you have to see the smiles on the faces of just about everyone you meet. You must spend some time with some staff people and share thoughts and experiences. Maybe then you will understand why the commercial says, “Once you go, you will know”. Now I know that saying is for the country of Jamaica. But the same thing is true of Couples