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    A condensed version of this was posted on TA.

    We stayed for a week in mid-January and had a fantastic time. Arrived on Tuesday. The customs line was well up the ramp but we had Mobay so went right through. Checked in and was still on our first drink when the shuttle called us. I'm thinking the customs line went rather fast since people from our plane were on the shuttle with us.

    Check in went smooth. We stayed in the Great House. Room was fine though we were overlooking the property next door so not the best view but we spend so very little time in the room that it really isn't an issue.

    The beach is remarkable. We were never beach people previously but we never left it on this trip. It is so much fun to surf the waves on the chair floaties.

    The food was amazing. Lemongrass was my favourite. (You gotta try the soups!) Feathers was my least favourite but that is more a statement about how much I enjoyed the food at the other restaurants.

    We did not do a lot of the resort activities. Sand gravity is very powerful! We did do the trading places with Negril one day just to check it out. We also walked across the street to the fitness are but just got a smoothie. The facilities looked nice. People seemed to enjoy it if that's your thing.

    We spent most evenings at the Piano Bar. Teno and Len are amazing. We had a great time. Maybe too much fun some nights. (I might be that person who is sometimes mentioned as being too loud. Sorry about that. I did have fun though!)

    We did see the Steel Drum band. They are amazing and if you have not seen them, it is a must-see. We saw the night time entertainment one other night when the piano bar was closed and while the quality was high, it wasn't my thing.

    The staff were all amazing. The bartenders kept the drinks full. The staff at the restaurants all did an amazing job on some very busy nights. The beach vendors were no issue at all. They walked the beach but left you alone if you said “No, thanks”. Really enjoyed some of that beach musicians as well. This is just part of the culture there so enjoy!

    It's a wonderful resort with great staff, an amazing beach and great food.

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    What night was the Steel Drum band?

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