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    Default Can't wait to be on 7 mile beach!

    Hello All
    We are headed to CSA in 6 days! I am ecstatic beyond words! I have read so many of these posts and thought a new post with my own curiousity in mind might ease the pain of waiting!

    The beach is what drew us to CSA, we are lovers of long walks and 7 mile beach is a dream come true! Can't wait to walk up and down and see what we will find.

    So, my curiosity is... What will we find? What should we seek out? How far should we go?

    Thank you! For any comments and feedback!

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    We leave in 6 days for CSA also. As far as the beach goes it is a great one. If you walk toward the water and go right you go past a Beaches resort and then to a more open area. In my opinion the better walk is to the left. You go past a few restraunts,little beach hotels and Margaritaville. You can walk right into Negril but it is a hike. Have spoke to a few who have done it. They stop along the way and have a red stripe at the many little spots on the way and take a taxi back. Every year we say we are going to do it but sand gravity sets in. Enjoy your trip.

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    TravelLover, you are in for a treat. It's the biggest reason csa is our favorite place. We do walk the beach daily and shop and stop for a red stripe at the little bars along the way. To the right if you're facing the beach are mostly other resorts.
    If you just feel like chillin, there is lots to keep you entertained. If you'd like a video and a couple of pics to tie you over, email me at
    Congrats, I hope you have a great trip

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    Seven days until we get to wiggle our toes in that marvelous soft white sand. Sand gravity is wonderful. See you on the beach.

    Life is good

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    Trav, get on youtube, and hit Negril. You might even hit Negril beach walk. There is a 7 part beach walk that shows almost all of Long Bay, which is where Swept Away is. Not sure where the walk starts, but it ends at Swept Away. Pretty cool.

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