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    Default CSS Room Blocks A and B question please

    We are booked in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite at CSS. It is my understanding that all of these rooms are located in Blocks A and B. (?)
    I am hoping that is the case anyway...

    We generally request rooms higher up for the view, but in case we end up on the ground floor what is the door situation? Do we have a key to enter and leave the room from the beach side? Or would we have to choose between leaving the patio door unlocked and walking around from the other side to get to and from the beach?

    My other question is that, given the Couples does not take specific room requests in advance... what would you request at check in if you were staying in a One Bedroom Beachfront Suite? Block A or B? Upper floor or lower floor? Are any specific rooms preferable?


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    If on the ground floor you would need to leave the patio door unlocked to go out it to the beach. We had done so many times when going to eat, (Not to the beach since we go to SSB). However, the walk around the building is minor, so going out the door and around the building is not a lot of walking. We requested a ground floor room due to my husbands health and difficulty walking up steps (COPD and on oxygen the last two years we were there). Personally, if the view is what you want ask for an upper floor room when you check in and they do the best they can to accommodate you. We had an upper room one year, and asked for a ground floor, and they got us one right away. Enjoy your stay, you will love it.

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    A block we believe Is the best. We normally request 3 floor on the precheck in and have gotten it each time.

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    Yes, the 1br beachfront suites are all in 'A' and 'B' block

    We were in A31, 'A' block 3rd floor. 'A' block is closer to SSB. We loved the room.

    We started in 'B' block but our room was really close to the restaurant and it was noisy early in the morning with dishes and carts so they moved us. We had a great view from the 3rd floor and the 2nd floor would have been fine.

    Did not go inside any first floor rooms

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    A block we believe Is the best. We normally request 3 floor on the precheck in and have gotten it each time.

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    Leave slider unlocked put valuables passports in safe and you'll be happy

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    What's a 'precheck-in' of which you speak?

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    I vote for A too.

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    Pre-check in ... Is the availability on-line to select your Romance Rewards arrival gift and min in at selections etc. in addition to this there is a comment section ... While room selection is not guaranteed , this is the appropriate place to make any specific location requests. Again ... Not guaranteed but it is always beneficial to at least ask.

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    Sign up for Romance Rewards. It's under there. You can request items for your room bar and other items

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    We were in A12. It is the bottom floor at the very end - away from the restaurant. We came and went through the sliding door. Kept valuables and documents in the safe - never had a problem. Felt completely confident in the security of our stuff.

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    We left our patio door unlocked one time and the maid locked it when she cleaned! Fortunately we had taken a room key with us! No worries, it's a short trip around the building!

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    We have stayed in A Block each year except for 2010 (didn't make it), accidentally got a ground floor the second year we went and were very plesantly suprised. We loved the ground floor leve, so convenient, and hubby loves being on the level part of the resort. Same as mentioned before we would leave the door unlocked, for ease of coming and going. When the room was cleaned occasionally the back door would be locked but that was no problem, we always had our key card. For convenience you really can't beat the BFJS. Use common sense lock you extra money, passports, anything you consider valuable in the safe. We have never had an issue of theft at any of the Couples Resorts.

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    Is the preference for A Block over B a strong one, or is it a close call? Why are most here choosing A over B?

    Anyone have a strong preference about which floor they end up in if there are in Blocks A or B?

    Thanks! We know room requests are only requests, but it never hurts to ask at check in and having the insight of people who know is very helpful.

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    I am so happy this question was asked! my fiancé and I have the same room booked and were wondering which level/block would be the best! thanks!

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    We have stayed in both A & B blocks. A block is closer to the AN Beach, and B block is closer to the restaurant. The first year we stayed in the Beach Front rooms we were in A block on the side nearest the AN beach, we are SSB users, and liked the closeness to the beach. The next year we were in A block closer to the B block building. To me, that location was probably the best as it was right in the middle. The last year we were in B block literally next to the restaurant. That year it worked out great for us as by that time my husbands COPD was getting pretty bad, and the walk to the restaurant was close. He would call for the van to go to SSB. Due to his health we always requested the ground floor. It was not wanting to do the steps more than anything else. But the ground floor is really convenient for almost anything. However, the view is of the grounds/beach, not a higher view of the ocean. We often times left the patio door open when we went to the restaurant. We would lock up during the day since we were at SSB, and would use the main door to leave and return to the room. Each of the areas had good points. We were in paradise, so nothing had any bad ones for us. The restaurant noise never bothered us so that room was fine with us. It is a matter of preference.

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    Our preference is 1st floor in building B just a great view of the beach and activities, also easy access with my kazillion orthopedic surgeries!! Also do not be frightened of all the steps mentioned at CSS we did well my gimpy body and my wife's spike heels only two evenings did we call for ride to the lobby

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    Me too!!!

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    Anyone have pics of the view from their room?

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